Why Million dogs Healing Cone?

Tea-cup size Maltese wearing a comfortable handmade recovery collar / healing collar

Dogs are one of the most loyal animals to man.

They can even go to the extent of taking a bullet for us.

A great help and guide to our kids at home. But what happens if they are hurt and they can’t stop biting it?

Running around



With soft cries that shatters ones heart! No single dog owner would want their dogs to go through pains!

And that’s what we offer you. A chance to give your dog a better life!! :)

Through our handmade customized cones. A tasted and trusted brand which have over the years achieved great success in giving a better lives for dogs and cats.

How do we do this?

We study our dog’s need! Feel and groom and get to know which kind of fabric that is suitable for their skins. That's how we make a perfect cone for them!

A cone which just not prevents them from biting at their wounds But also helps massage stiff bones.

Ready to give better life to your furry friends?





Jisuk Kim┃ Creator 





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