Cone Vs Tube, Pros and Cons

Getting dogs to leave their wounds so they can heal can be a real challenge, but having the right E-collar for your dog can make a difference in recovery time and prevent you from having to take your dog back to the veterinarian to fight off an infection from licking or repair the damage. But which cone will work best on your dog? Whether you've tried a traditional plastic E-collar and it didn't work, or you simply have so much love, you want your dog to wear a most comfortable e-collar during recovery, Million Dogs have 2 amazing alternatives!

Each type of collar comes with pros and cons! Let's talk about how to pick the right one.

Anxiety-Free Healing Cone ┃ Million Dogs

With the Million Dogs Anxiety Free Healing Cone, stitches stay in and save you an extra trip to the veterinarian for replacements. Proper wound care after surgery will help your dog heal faster and have fewer complications.

The Anxiety Free Healing Cone will allow you to cleanse the area without your pup's little, wet nose getting in the way.

 If your pup is not crazy about the stiff recovery collars, we now have soft cone collars that are more comfortable alternatives. Because they’re flexible, your dog can do many of his normal activities without you having to remove the collar. Your dog can just eat, drink and play with as few restrictions as possible. 

  • Pros
   - The shape looks exactly like the classic E-collars, but they are made from a softer, lighter, more comfortable material.
   - Suitable for any type of dog, puppy, and cat.
   - Very lightweight products. Good for Tiny-Medium sized pets.
   - For short snout dogs and cats, it could be too long. But the custom sizing service is available for them.
  - It has long durability
  - Beautiful patterns.
  - Enables stress-free healing and recovery. 
  • Cons
   - It could block the vision.
   - It could block the movement.

Donut Healing Tube ┃ Million Dogs

Your pet will heal in comfort and style with our lightweight, water-resistant Donut healing tube. Our super soft and comfortable healing tube enables your dog or cat an increased range of movement compared to a cone. It allows easy access to his dinner and water while protecting his injury and promoting a faster, stress-free recovery.  

With cozy poly fill for your pet’s comfort, it allows your pet to eat, drink, play, and sleep normally and doesn’t block their vision during their recovery. The soft donut fits right around your pet’s collar and can be used with dogs or cats.

  • Pros
- The donut tube gives your dog an increased range of vision and movement.
 Pets can drink and pick up their toys freely and without problems. 
 Perfect for nighttime. Pets can sleep with it.
  • Cons
- Not suitable for dogs with a longer snout.
-Soft, comfortable, and light in weight, but may not cover all body parts of the pet. 

Whatever your choice, make sure your e-collar alternative adequately protects the injury site. And don’t forget that even when wearing the Healing cone or healing tube, dogs need supervision after surgery. So book an experienced pet sitter or find a dog lover to drop by during the day if you can’t be around to monitor.

Many pet owners have a hard time finding the right recovery collar and we are committed to providing our customers with the best recovery collar! Shoot us an email if you need any consultant!


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