Hi! I'm Jisuk, Founder of million dogs.

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Hi! I’m Jisuk, founder of Million Dogs. I’ve been making unique and comfortable healing cone for dogs and cats since 2016. 

When I was 13, I learned to make women’s clothes on an antique sewing machine my grandmother gave me. It didn’t even have a motor, but I was determined to make it work!

Antique sewing machine with colorful yarns fun color background

After that, I was hooked. So I studied art and fashion design in college.

Young women who is wearing a pin cushion sitting on the table in the fashion class

And went on to work in fashion at major corporations. I loved being creative and making pretty stuffs, but I felt like something was missing and wanted to find something more meaningful.

Meaningful = ?

While I was working at one of these corporations, my family dog underwent a procedure and had to wear a plastic cone. He was so tiny at the time, and I could tell the cone made him uncomfortable. I couldn’t stand to watch him suffer, and I knew there had to be a better way to help him heal. So, I decided to give it a shot and make him a soft healing cone with some leftover fabric. After I traded his plastic cone for my fabric e-cone, his behavior changed immediately!!!

White maltese dog is wearing a comfortable healing cone during recovery after a surgery

When I saw how much happier and more comfortable he was, I was overjoyed. That’s when the idea for Million Dogs was born. I realized that there were so many pets like mine, whose quality of life declined when they had to wear a plastic cone. I wanted to help their owners find a solution.

In 2016, I started selling Million Dogs products on the side. But last year, I finally quit my job to make Million Dogs products full time. Now, I can dedicate more time to my business—which is great, because I often make custom cones for those pets with unusual proportions. They deserve to be comfortable, too! 

Black French bulldog wearing a handmade pink pattern recovery healing e-collar

Helping pets get through the healing process comfortably makes me so happy.

I’ve found my purpose in life, and I hope I’m someday able to help millions of dogs and cats.  

Jisuk Kim┃ Creator 


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