Owning A Dog: 6 Important Things To Know Before Getting A Puppy

Getting a puppy can be really adorable but it is also a huge challenge. Puppies are essentially like human babies! So they require constant love, care, and attention. Do not get home a puppy at the wrong time as it needs to adjust to the family and you must have the adequate resources to take care of it. We would hate to see you regret getting a fuzzy friend home.
In this article, I want to talk about some of important things to know before getting a puppy home. 

   1. Puppy depression is a real thing

Puppy depression is very common among people. We are not talking about your puppy getting depressed. We are talking about you having buyer’s remorse. You might bring home a puppy with a lot of expectations like cuddling with it or playing around with it. This might not happen right away because the puppy has shifted to a new environment and it requires time to acclimatize accordingly. 

Puppy depression. Things to know before getting a puppy

You might expect it to jump around here and there whereas the puppy simply sits in one corner of the room out of fear. You have to give it time to get rid of that fear and understand that it is safe in your presence. Often people get a puppy home without thinking about the initial days of training. This requires an immense amount of patience. You should not get depressed because things are not working right away. They will eventually. 

  2. Meal planning is important

A puppy’s diet is a crucial aspect of his life that you need to be mindful of because it directly contributes to his physical and cognitive development. Feeding a young puppy can be really tricky. You have to feed them at least four times a day especially when it's a big puppy. Puppies also require a more number of meals at least till they are 6 months old. This is because puppies tend to be extremely playful and active in the initial years which requires more energy. 

Puppy Eating and drinking Things to know before getting a puppy

A lot of people think they can just free-feed their puppies by leaving a bowl of food and the puppy will figure it out itself. Without any portion control and timely meals, your puppy will become obese and suffer from health complications. Another problem this will lead to is that every time your puppy eats, it will have to poop and if meals are not controlled, you will most likely have a house covered in poop. Talk to the vet about your puppy’s dietary needs and abide by those. 

Dog Meal Planning Tips

   3. Frequent walks are needed

Walking a puppy is no easy feat but it's extremely important. Doesn't matter if it's raining or snowing, taking out your puppy for regular walks is your responsibility as its parent. If you are getting a puppy that is 10 weeks of age as most people do, you must take it for walks every 3-4 hours a day. However, if you have an 8-hour-per-day job without any extra help for the puppy then you might want to reconsider your decision about getting one home. 

Beagle walking with owner. Things to know before getting a puppy.

While walking your new puppy, you have to be extremely careful about it mixing with other puppies or dogs. Even if other dog parents find it rude, you have to maintain a safe distance because the leashes might get tangled or someone might get bitten otherwise. Older dogs are wise enough to handle such situations but not the younger ones, especially not puppies that are only a few months old. 

   4. Dogs get dirty

Like we said earlier, puppies or dogs are like babies and they behave in similar ways too. Puppies get dirty all the time. For example, try leaving your puppy in the mud. Not only will it walk on it but actually lie and roll in it. This is simply fun play for them. There is no way you can control this playful side of dogs and you should not. 

Cleaning dog ears tips. Things to know before getting a puppy

While some dogs love taking baths, there are others that despise it to their very core. This is completely dependent on the personality and temperament of the dog. You must never use human products on a puppy. Keep human shampoo and human hairdryers away from your furry friend. There are special dog dryers available that are not too hot and it essentially blows the water off the dog. Bathing is not the end of it. Grooming includes brushing the puppy, clipping its toe nails, Cleaning ears, and more. It is a time commitment you need to be ready for. 

   5. Crate training is best

Crate training is the most effective way to housebreak your puppy and to make sure it does not destroy your home because the little devils can create a lot of mischiefs. Dogs are essentially den creatures. They love closed spaces. Most puppies, if trained with a crate, tend to spend a lot of time in it resting and simply hanging out. They do not pee in it because it's such a closed space. 

Pug create trained. Things to know before getting a puppy

   6. A few bonus tips

Along with all the factors mentioned above, you need to be mindful and prepared for a few other things before getting a puppy home. Puppies or dogs drool a lot, and their health checkups and vet bills can get expensive. These bills are in addition to the expenses of food, toys, and other accessories. These are costs you need to be prepared to bear because you will have to get those antibiotics for the puppy when it's sick. 

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 Summing up

Puppies bring great joy to our lives but to ensure that you give that an equal amount of joy, you must be prepared to take on their complete responsibility. This includes all the things mentioned in the list above. We have tried to point out some of the challenges that lay ahead for anybody who is planning to get a puppy. Hope you enjoyed reading this article!

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