Why Million Dogs Healing Cone is the best alternative to the Cone of Shame?

Are you planning on neutering your new puppy soon? Don't give them a Cone of Shame! Watch this video to learn why our Healing Cones are the best alternative to the Cone of Shame.

Lightweight pet E-cone : Your dog can eat, play and sleep without having an anxiety. Also you can sleep through the night!
✅Easy Care : Our 100% water resistant polyester fabric makes it very easy to wipe down and machine washable.
✅High Quality Foam : Formulated in-house to achieve perfect density
✅High Quality Snaps : Easy to put on and quick to remove, Multiple snaps ensure a perfect fit.
✅Elastic Loops : Thread your dog's collar or gauze to secure the cone.
✅Bright Color : Keep your dog's happy vibe during recovery.
✅Made in Los Angeles🇺🇸 : Our handcrafted work is built to last.
✅Comes in 7 sizes : XX-Small to Large
✅Custom sizing available : Send us Email for custom sizing inquiry.

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Best Alternative cone to elizabethan collar for dogs

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  • Jimmy on

    Hi Jisuk
    Do You Give Opinion About Other Pet Safety Cones?! I Created One But am Not In The Pet Industry or an Expert Like You

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