How to Desensitize Your Dog to The Cone Before The Surgery

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Why You Should Train Your Dog to Wear Cones

Did you know that you should train your dog to wear cone before your dog needs one? We never want to just slap on a new tool to a dog that's unfamiliar with it as this can create a negative association. It's pretty common for puppies who have a cone or collar on to freeze in feel as if they're unable to move. It will take about 2 to 3 days for the dog to get used to it, so take your time and don't rush. Give them enough time. 


Pick the Right Recovery Cone for Your dog (Cone or tube)

Before we dive into the training, you need to find the perfect recovery collar for your dog first. You may be seen many dog owners frustrated with the traditional Elizabethan Collar provided by local veterinarians. The plastic cone of shame is effective, but eating, drinking, sleeping, and generally being a dog can be really stressful while wearing a giant lampshade. Luckily, we’ve got some great alternatives to the cone that work just as well. Our Anxiety Free Healing Cone and Donut Healing tube are the best alternative to the "Cone of Shame" for puppies or dogs! It's soft and light, It will be so much easier to train your dogs! Check out this blog to see which styles are best for your dog. 

How to Desensitize Your Dog to The Cone Before the Surgery - Step By Step

Mark with a yes and treat only if the dog is okay with what is going on. Do not pressure or force the dog. If your dog backs away let him and go back to an easier step. Go at your dog's pace. Slowly build your dog's confidence with the cone.

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Desensitize to the cone by letting your dog "check it out!" It's good idea to play a game and mark with a yes anytime your dog puts his head chin or nose on the cone.

Hold the cone under the dog's head and give the dog a treat for touching it with his chin. This is very similar to doing a chin rest in your hand. When your dog puts his head on the cone, mark with a yes and treat. Next start to cup the cone around the dog's head. If your dog is calm and fine with this, mark with a yes and treat.

Step 3
Allow the snaps to make some noise and start to close the cone and snap it on. Feed the dog with a cone on for a second. Remove the cone right away. Slowly increase the time the dog has it on.

Step 4 
Practice putting the cone on from different positions. Kneeling and standing in front of the dog. Standing with your dog at your left side. Standing with your dog at your right side.

You know you've built a positive association to the cone when the dog will just put his head in the cone. The dog will come to the cone instead of running off.  Now your dog is ready for a big day!

One more thing! I designed our comfy Healing Cone as an alternative to the harsh plastic cones. It's also super effective when your dog has an ear infection or any paw licking issues! Check our Best selling Healing Cones collection below. It will make your life so much easier :)

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