Million Dogs Alternative Comfortable Soft Healing Cone in Gingham Check Pattern
White and Brown Border Collie is wearing Gingham Check Soft healing Cone from Million Dogs
Million Dogs Alternative Waterproof Soft Border Collie is wearing Gingham Check Soft healing Cone
Benefits of Million Dogs Anxiety Free Healing Cone
Dachshund wearing Gingham Check Healing Cone - Black-Million dogs
Million Dogs Healing Cone Size Chart

Water-resistant Soft Healing Cone - Gingham Check

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Is your furbaby headed for surgery or suffering from an injury? 
Many dogs and cats find the “cone of shame” intrusive and uncomfortable, which can cause stress and lengthen their recovery time.

Put your pet at ease and promote stress-free healing with our Ultra-comfortable, Anxiety Free Healing Cone!

Our lightweight soft healing cone is made of foam that’s formulated in-house to achieve perfect density, providing cradling comfort while preventing the irritation of sensitive areas.

  • Lightweight pet E-cone : Your dog can eat, play and sleep without having an anxiety. Also you can sleep through the night!
  • Easy Care : Our 100% water resistant polyester fabric makes it very easy to wipe down and machine washable.
  • High Quality Snaps : Easy to put on and quick to remove, Multiple snaps ensure a perfect fit. 
  • Elastic Loops : Thread your dog's collar or gauze to secure the cone.
  • Beautiful patterns : No need to give up on style during recovery.
  • Made in Los Angeles, CA : Our handcrafted work is built to last.
  • Comes in 7 sizes : X-Small to Large.
  • Custom sizing available : Send us Email for custom sizing inquiry.
    <Size Chart>
     1. XS - Neck: 8"~10.5", Length: 5 1/4"
     2. S - Neck: 10.5"~13", Length: 7.25"
     3. S/Long - Neck: 10.5"~13", Length: 9"
     4. M - Neck: 13"~16", Length: 9"
     5. M/Long - Neck: 13"~16", Length: 12"
     6. M/Short - Neck: 14"~17", Length: 7.25"
     7. Large - Neck:16"~19", Length: 12"
    <Model Info>
    Breed:  Mini Aussie
    Weight:  36 Lbs 
    Neck:  13"
    Cone Size: Medium

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