How To Puppy Proof Your Home (7 Simple Steps)

Creating a Good Environment for Your Puppy to Live In

It is important to create an appropriate home and environment as a puppy owner. In this article, I will talk about some basic tips that can help you create the perfect happy environment for you and your dog.

Inactiveness of a Puppy as it Transitions in a New Home

Before we dive into it, I want to tell you this: Puppies are known to be inactive for their first new months, especially when they are separated from their mothers. So don't be too disappointed. 
I have had conversations with many pet owners and they have described the inactiveness of their puppies as a form of the sudden loneliness they feel.
The Inactiveness of the puppy ranges between its first two weeks to eight weeks after birth; however, it eventually changes gradually when it clocks the age of nine weeks old going through to its reproductive stage.



1. Restricting a Puppy’s Activeness and Maintaining Hygiene in the Home

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This activeness has to be regulated to avoid the destruction of objects around the house since it has not yet been trained. I gave my puppy access only to specific rooms in the house when its inactiveness died, which in most cases is the kitchen area where I accessed daily. 
After giving access to only specified rooms in the first weeks, it calls for identifying the best spot for the puppy where it can take naps and play during active hours of the day or night; as for me, the spot allowed me to restrict the puppy at different intervals during the day. For instance, when cleaning the house floor, I can limit the dog until it is done. It avoids movements of the puppy around the house, thus reducing distractions.


2. Maintain Your Home's Hygiene for Your New Puppy


After realizing the perfect spot, it is essential to maintain the home's hygiene. It encompasses the dog's hygiene is maintained by ensuring the dog's litter is not all over the place. It can be utterly unhygienic when the puppy litter is in any part of the homestead. I have experienced this in the past and I had to take action before the situation got worse. Training the puppy on using a Potty pad is essential and it was the first step I took to conserving the hygiene of the house. The potty pad should be placed in a suitable location out of site from where the owner and their close people cannot access the potty pad. It has to be a secluded area in the house where the puppy can access at free will. When the puppy follows and learns from the training, the owner can reward them by giving the puppy their favorite snack or any form of appreciation gesture.

3. Providing Toys for the Puppy in its Play Area

The designated playing spot for the puppy, which can be restricted, has to have toys that the puppy can use to play with. It aids in boosting the puppy's metabolism in the process, and they become active, stretching their different body parts.

How to puppy proof your home
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4. Good Dieting

How to puppy proof your home Million Dogs

 When feeding the puppy in their secluded spot, ensure that the containers or plates they eat from are always clean, expelling any bacteria from the feeding containers. Feeding should be at intervals, usually two to three times a day are the intervals.

5. Facilitating for a Good Sleep Area for the Puppy

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Sleep is important to any animal. Your puppy needs tons of sleep to grow. A crate is the best way to set up a sleeping area for the dog, which has to be in an area free of commotion and noise in the house. A spacious crate is important to facilitate movements such as turning, and a cloth, for instance, fine linen cloth, can be laid in the crate for warmth. As an owner, you have to ensure to direct the dog in the crate at different times, for instance, during the night when everybody is about to go to bed.

6. Communicating With the Puppy and Developing a Good Relationship

How to puppy proof your home Million Dogs

When a new puppy destroys objects in the house, it is harsh for the owner to be angry at them. This is because the puppy has not gotten used to the new environments. The puppy has not yet mastered the rules of the house. It comes to teaching the puppy body language and commands to do a certain task or express your feelings to them. For instance, when a puppy interfered with electric cables, the owner can summon the puppy and point to the cables as the dog watches. They can further wave their index finger and utter the word no continuously to tell the dog that it is disallowed. This is just a concept of how one can train the puppy. Other terms and actions can be incorporated to warn the dog. Additionally, the owner can develop body language to praise actions by the puppy, such as when the puppy has used the potty pad well. The owner can clap their hands and pet the puppy. Such training comes a long way in setting boundaries and order in the house.

7. Ensuring Safety for the Puppy

How to puppy proof your home Million Dogs

Dangerous pieces of equipment have to be kept out of reach of puppies. Such include sharp objects such as knives that can hurt them. Additionally, trash in the house has to be held in tall bins to keep off the curious puppy from scavenging on the remains. As much as waste is dangerous to the human system, it can be more dangerous to the puppy. The medication process is costly, and any puppy owner has to avoid such for their well-being and that of their pet. General order in the homestead, for instance, in the garage, backyard, the garden, is important to guarantee the dog's safety as they are not aware of the threat, they face no matter its magnitude. For instance, plants in the garden may be harmful to the puppy, and health complications may be incurred if consumed. After puppy-proofing your house, engage your puppy in activities such as a walk in the park and frequent play, which is healthy for their growth.

Puppy keeping is an happy journey, and when embraced, humans become happier. If you want to learn more about puppy tips, don't forget to subscribe to our newsletter!

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